A club is an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity. Clubs are an essential and excellent way to harbour student-centric learning, that enables to unearth the hidden talents/potentials of students, and dreams are given a chance to become a reality, a career opportunity that paves ways to self-motivation and aspirations. 

The idea behind the club culture is :

1. To provide a platform for freedom to express, experience, develop ideas and creativity. 

2. To inspire a spirit of free inquiry, the freedom to explore new and diverse ideas. 

3. To cater to the development of personal growth through knowledge and identity. 

4. To foster learning activities of the highest quality to help students achieve their goals. 

5. To promote individual growth and a positive sense of self-worth for all members. 

Why do we club? Govt. Hrangbana College at any given time is a home to more than 1700 plus students, such a number of students implies a pool of talents, personalities, interests and dreams. The conventional education system does not often permit time to develop such potentials. As such, the institution has develop the club culture, wherein the students can choose and be a member of the club that most suited his/her personality/interest and potentials.