The Institute focuses keenly on the holistic development of students and provides them with every opportunity and resource to facilitate their holistic development. This is one of the most distinctive features the Institute, whose details are given below in brief.

Holistic Development of Students: The Institute had an intake of only 200 UG students at the time of its inception in 1980. Making spectacular growth over the years, now has more than 2000  UG students, 20 students of  PG programmes, making it one of the biggest college in the state.

The institute was accredited  with B++ in 2006 and Accredited A in 2011 and B+ in 2016 by NAAC , and all of its eligible UG and PG programs have been accredited in all successive cycles by MZU. 

As visible from vision and mission statements, the institute has been focusing on the holistic development of students while aiming at excellence in education and meeting the quality standards set by accrediting and regulatory bodies.

Institutional Distinctiveness

NAAC while laying utmost importance of quality in education, and MZU while prescribing parameters for outcome based education finally lead to the holistic development of the students. And so, the student centric activities at the institute are designed for achieving holistic development of the students. It has four components, namely, the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional developments.

Intellectual development: The institute, implements university curriculum through well planned and effective teaching learning activities blended with latest pedagogy approaches. Various approaches have been taken to enable students to meet their individual needs. Exposure to students throughout their educational program is provided by mentors, industry experts, professionals, and innovators. This enables them to be work ready. The institute proactively identifies the curriculum gaps and makes the provision for imparting the content beyond syllabus bridging the gaps. The students are facilitated to work on relevant problem related to society, industry through projects like minor and major projects and complex problem solving. 

Social development: The social skills are nurtured through various activities conducted by the social clubs at the institute.

Exposure to social issues and working on probable solutions: The students are exposed to the diverse social structure and their issues, particularly in the neighboring areas, through the National Service Scheme implemented at the Institute. The students undertake activities of spreading social awareness about various burning topics such as female feticide, women health, Swatch Bharat, etc. While doing so, they also become aware of the issues of the society and think on probable measures to solve them. 

Inculcating benevolence: The students take part in helping the neglected part of the society like orphans and old age people. Students help the children at the orphanages by conducting classes for the kids. At the old-age homes, students extend their help. The institute has established different clubs (viz freedom art society (choreography club, weber club, fine arts club, music club etc) inside the institute in which many activities are undertaken by the club in which students participated enthusiastically. 

Physical development: The institute promotes physical activities among the students to cultivate many important skills such as physical fitness, team spirit, confidence, decision making, mental strength, etc. of the students. Each year, the institute organizes annual sports events for the students comprising of various sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, chess, carom, etc. In these sports both boys as well girls participate and show their skills – their sportsman spirit and team-building abilities grow. The institute celebrates international Yoga Day each year. During the camps held at various village adopted by the institute through NSS, various physical activities like Yoga, exercises, outdoor sports etc are conducted.

Emotional development: Emotional health of the students is given apt attention at the institute. The mentor-mentee system is in place that ensures the students’ contact with faculty at least once every two weeks. The institute has professional psychology counselor from the department of psychology faculties which take care of every students mental and psychological issue.

Due to the approach of Holistic Development, GHBC graduates are found to work relentlessly while taking their responsibilities on passing out while being proved to be intellectually competent, morally upright, spiritually inspired and socially committed – They leave footprints of their own, wherever they go.