Department of Economics is one of the oldest departments. Since its inception, the Department has been offering undergraduate courses in Economics. It attracts the huge number of students at the undergraduate levels from within and outside the state. 

The Department has a long tradition of imparting quality education and conducting in-depth research. Many of its alumni hold prominent positions both in academics and administrative spheres across the state and outside- a small testimony, perhaps, to the excellence of training that we provide to our students.

 The teaching programmes in the Department are focused on proper blending of 'quality' and 'relevance'. This is sought to be achieved by periodic updating of syllabi in conformity with the advancement of the knowledge in the subject with equal emphasis on theoretical and applied economics. 

The Department introduces new courses from time to time and makes tutorials more effective by establishing close student-teacher contact. 

The thrust areas include the various fields of Development Economics, Economic Growth, International Economics, Financial Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Health Economics, Monetary Economics, Labour Economics, History of Economic Thought, Public Finance, and Population Studies.


        The vision of the department consists of exploring the economic study and analysis, policy framing and implementation issues faced by the Indian and global economy. The department thrives to reach standards of excellence in teaching, research and consultancy.

  • The department is committed to the advancement of knowledge and learning in the field of economics. The department also envisions achieving high standards of academic performance to provide quality education to students and to deal with economic, social and business realities.


     The mission of the department is to provide, through both teaching and research, a better understanding of the global, national and local economic issues that will face our society now and in the future. In this backdrop we aim:

  • To provide our students with effective teaching and outstanding  research techniques;
  • To provide our students with appropriate analytical skills to lay the groundwork for lifelong learning;
  • To instill the path of intellectual transformation among undergraduate and postgraduate students;
  • To make our students to understand microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts, and their applications;
  • To enable our students to become policy-literate and thus be more informed as citizens;
  • To prepare our students for successful careers as applied economists, and
  • To prepare our undergraduate students for postgraduate training in economics, law and business administration.


We are dedicated to the promotion of freedom of expression and diversity in perspective, background, and experience;

  • We value our colleagues, students and treat them with dignity. We trust and support one another and we value everyone's contributions;
  • We serve to prepare for any unexpected outcome or situation.  

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Faculties (as of 01.02.2023) 







Associate Professor,   
M.A Economics, Ph.D
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Associate Professor

M.A Economics
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Dr. Lalthantluangi Chenkual

Assistant Professor, (Hod)

M.A Economics (Ph.D)

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Assistant Professor (Casual Teacher)

M.A Economics, Ph.D ongoing

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Assistant Professor, (Casual Teacher)
M.A Economics
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