The Theatre Club is for those inclined towards theatrical activities, acting, film-making, directing, script-writing etc. It is the most active of the clubs, they have had They performed in the College Week closing the drama titled, "Thug Life" and the drama named, "Be a Warrior" in the FAS Night. To top it all, the club had gone all the way to Chandigarh, Punjab to participate in the National Theatre Festival at the Chitkara University, Punjab on the 6th & 7th October, 2018. A workshop was held in which the resource person was Pu H.Rotluanga, the renowned comedian & Entertainer and valued Alumni. 

The members also attended and participated in the Indian Film Festival held on the 23rd & 24thJanuary, 2108 at Aijal Club and Beraw Tlang.

Faculty incharge:

                Ms. H. Lalawmpuii &  Dr. Malsawmi Pachuau

The Office Bearers, 2017-18 are:

Leader : Laltanpuia, B.A (Sixth Semester) 

Assistant Leader : Hmingthanmawia, B.Com(Sixth Semester) 

Secretary : R.Lalmalsawma, B.A (Sixth Semester) 

Assistant Secretary : Jacob Lalhriatpuia, B.Com (Sixth Semester) 

Treasurer : Lalbiaksangi, B.Com (Sixth Semester) 

Committee Members : 14 members Members : There are 62 members.