1.    Application for Admission into the Hostel shall be made to the Hostel Warden through a prescribed form at the time as notified.

2.    Hostel Seat shall be allotted generally on priority basis to students from interior villages.

3.    Students from Aizawl City may also be allotted the Hostel Seat subject to the availability of Seats.

4.    Those who are not medically fit shall not be admitted.


A boarder is required to pay the following fees at the time of admission:

 1.         Admission Fee (Semester)                                         Rs.       100.00

2.         Room Rent (Semester)                                               Rs.       700.00

3.         Establishment (Semester)                                          Rs.       500.00

4.         Medical Fee (Semester)                                             Rs.       200.00

5.         Electricity (Semester)                                                Rs.       500.00

6.         Water (Semester)                                                       Rs.       500.00

Total                                                                         Rs.       2500.00


Mess Fee … (The amount is fixed by the Mess Committee)


Fees once paid cannot be refunded


1.     The Hostel session shall be the same as the College academic session.

2.     The Hostel shall be opened 3 days ahead of the opening of the College and closed 5 days after the completion of University Examination.


Boarders are allowed to entertain visitors only in the Visiting Room at the time scheduled below:

            Weekdays                               :           2 – 5 p.m.

            Sunday & Holiday                  :           12 – 5 p.m.


Every Boarder should be present in the Hostel during the restricted hours below:

            May – August             :           7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

            September – April      :           6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

     All the boarders are expected to remain in the Hostel during this period.       

                                                                     GENERAL RULES AND CONDUCT

 1.               A boarder is allowed to take night out once in a month

2.               Every boarder is expected to abide by the rules laid down by the hostel. They are expected to perform Hostel duties assigned to them by the Hostel Authorities. Failure to do so, may result in the discontinuation of their stay in the Hostel the following year.

3.               No guest will be allowed inside the Hostel Rooms

4.               Every Boarder shall keep her room clean. She should utilize the Dustbin placed at the corridor. No boarder should throw rubbish or water from her window

5.               Mobile Phone should be submitted to the monitor during study hour



                              There shall be a Disciplinary Committee consisting of the Warden/Superintendent, Principal and Vice Principal. The Superintendent/Warden shall be  the Convener. The Committee shall deal with cases of indiscipline boarders and can take action to the extent of expulsion from Hostel and the College.


 1.         Disobedience of Hostel Rules and Regulation

2.         Absence from the Hostel without permission from the authority

3.         Indulgence in intoxicating drinks, drugs and smoking

4.         Picking quarrel or with fellow boarders or with outsiders

5.         Bullying and ragging in any form (physical, verbal and cyber)

6.         Damaging or spoiling of Hostel properties, building, electrical connections and any other asset

7.         Playing and keeping musical instruments, tape-recorders, walk-man inside the campus

8.         Singing, and making noise inside the Hostel during study hours

9.         Playing of cards and any other form of gambling

10.       Keeping of cooking stove, room heater, electric iron, hostel utensils and reading room’s property inside the room

11.       Keeping of fire arms, weapons, explosive and dangerous chemicals

12.       Stealing & confiscating other’s property

13.       Bathing, washing and playing during study hours

14.       Any other form of misconduct not specifically mentioned in the Hostel Rules and Regulations



 There shall be a Mess Committee consisting of the following members

            i)         Warden/Superintendent (Chairman)

            ii)        Monitors

            iii)       Mess Secretary/Manager

            iv)       In-charge - Secretaries and Assistants

            v)         Two members to be nominated from the new boarders