M.Com. or Master of Commerce is a postgraduate academic degree that is awarded after the successful completion of a two years program. This postgraduate degree gives an in-depth knowledge of Commerce, Economics, and Business Management to an aspiring student. 

The student is provided with a specialization in Accounting & Finance And Banking & Insurance in their final year thus making them competent for their professional career. Masters of Commerce course will be useful for the student aiming to make a career in banking, insurance, finance, and accounting as well as teaching and research fields.

Post Graduate (M.Com) course was started in 2021.

Course Outline
The programme is designed to achieve the following objectives.

  • To develop teaching impetus among students to make them qualified for teaching profession
  • To equip students to build their professional qualification
  • To impart experiential learning
  • To develop social and ethical values among students and liberate them to become citizens of the nation

Eligibility for Admission 

Candidates who have completed graduate programme in commerce or management from any university which is approved and recognized by UGC or its equivalent and has secured not less than 50% of the marks in the aggregate.

Syllabus Download

FacultyNo separate faculty has been given by the Government for PG classes .  From its inception, the faculties of the Department of Commerce took the responsibility to teach the PG students.