The Choreography Club is primarily for students who are interested in dances, and looks into its growth and mastering of the various techniques, and also the career potentials. 

The choreography part is the main emphasis as the whole idea is that members become masters in their chosen field. The members develop their own ideas and perform in events to showcase their various dance styles. An workshop was organised to sharpen their skills, in which Mr. Alan Lalrinawma, Mizo Dance Camp(MDC) was the resource person. 

The members also attended and participated in the Indian Film Festival held on the 23rd & 24thJanuary, 2108 at Aijal Club and Beraw Tlang. 

The Office Bearers are: 

Leader : Imanuel Malsawmdawngliana, B.Com(Sixth Semester)

 Assistant Leader : Lallianzami, B.A(Fourth Semester) 

Secretary : J. Lalnunfela, B.Com (Fourth Semester) 

Treasurer : Malsawmzeli, B.A (Fourth Semester) 

Members : There are 80 members.