Students Self Support Union (SSU) was formed on 27th May, 1985 by the trio pioneers –viz – Mr. Lalsangmuana(An Ordained Minister of Presbyterian Church), Mr. F. Lalfamkima and Mr. C. Lalhluna (Head Master of Samtlang High School) under the able and enthusiastic guidance of Mr. R. Zatlaia(Former Principal of Govt. Hrangbana College). As the SSU was borne in Govt. Hrangbana College, the College itself was the first headquarters of SSU and subsequently other headquarters are opened in other parts of the state of Mizoram and in the like manner sub-headquarters were also opened at various places of the state. Likewise, branches were opened at different colleges, Higher Secondary Schools and High School over the entire state.

Motto – “Earn while your learning”

Aims and objectives :

a) To inculcate the utility and value of self support

b) To imbibe the importance of workmanship through manual labor

c) To teach the students and public to honour public labours

d) To honour and value manual labour as a means of self support in pursuing higher education

e) To teach the students the importance of self support and self reliance

f) To mould and prepared the students to be reliable and responsible citizens of the Nation.

g) To impart better work ethics to promote dignity of labour

The Self Support Union of this College is looking forward to a brighter future from our self supported students in the years to come