The Institution maintains Self-Appraisal System in which each faculty keeps a record of attendance, classes allotted and taken and other academic as well as administrative activities inside and outside College.

 •         Self-Appraisal Reports of each teacher are submitted to the Principal periodically    through the Head of each Department.

• Multifaceted activities of a teacher are presented in a consolidated report called Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) and sent to the Directorate of Higher and Technical Education Department, Page 81/103 10-01-2018 07:01:28 Self Study Report of Government Hrangbana College Government of Mizoram every year after being reviewed by the Principal.

•         The teachers are encouraged by the Career Advancement Scheme of the  Government, providing deputation-posting to a higher responsible post, and their    leaves are also sanctioned accordingly.

• There is scope of Career Advancement Schemes for non-teaching staff as well. They are evaluated by the Principal and Head Assistant of the Administrative Office.

•         The Non-Teaching staffs undergo a Performance appraisal system where the Principal submits Annual Confidential Report (ACR) to the higher authority.

•         On the basis of PBAS of the faculty and ACR of the non-teaching staff which is  reviewed by the Principal and subsequently sent to the Directorate of Higher and     Technical Education Department, Government of Mizoram, the State Government utilizes it as a necessary document for confirmation of service as       well as for the Career Advancement of the teaching and non-teaching staff.

•         The outcomes and decisions are communicated to the appropriate stakeholder   through the Principal