The Youth Adventure Club is the adventure wing of the college, where students who are inclined towards outdoor activities group together, and undertake various training, expeditions, search and rescue courses, and also render assistance in crisis situations in the community.

Throughout the years, the GHBC Youth Adventure Club has consistently performed outdoor activities during the weekends and holidays, without compromising on their studies. At present (2016-2017) there are 130 members, the office bearers are as follows:

LeaderEmmanuel V.L.Nunthara(V Sem B.A)
Deputy LeaderLalramnghinglova(V Sem B.A)
General SecretaryK. Lalnunmawia(V Sem B.A)
Asst. General SecretaryLalrammawia(V Sem B.A)
TreasurerMalsawmtluangi(V Sem B.A)
Financial SecretaryP.C.Vanlaltlani(V Sem B.A)
Information SecretaryLalnunpuia Hrahsel(III Sem B.A)