The College Student Union has been in action since the inception of the college, and has continued to be the arm and legs of the college, representing the student body within and outside the college; taking active role in showcasing the college in the best light.

The office bearers of the SU for the 2016-2017 session are as follows:

Vice PresidentZODINSANGAIII B.A383
General SecretaryJ.H. NGURBUANGAIII BA354
Indoor Games SecretaryK.C. LALREMTHARAII B.COM79
Outdoor Games SecretaryC. LALTHAKIMAIII BA149
Social & Cultural SecretaryJ.H. ROLUAHPUIAIII BA206
Debating SecretaryVANLALTANPUIAII BA372
Assistant to General Secretary Aldrin LalrambeiseiaII BA256
Assistant to Debating SecretaryM.S. Zuala NgenteII BA255
Assistant to Outdoor Games SecretaryF. RamdinmawiaIII BA513
Assistant to Indoor Games SecretaryR. LaldinpuiaII BA473
Assistant to Social & Cultural SecretaryVanlalhruaizelaII BA375
Assistant to Magazine EditorRicky ZodinglianaI BA578