The College has instituted “Students’ aid fund” out of the contribution of the students of the College. For the utilization of these funds, the College has set up a Committee. The committee decides the recipients of the fund depending on the basis of necessity by the student. The objectives of the fund are as follows:

1.         To render financial assistance to the poor and deserving students for payment of tuition fees, examination             fees, purchase of textbooks,  photocopies, stationeries, etc.

2.         To provide financial assistance to Persons’ with Disability (PWD) and  physically handicapped students.

3.         To assist those students with chronic illnesses and who have met severe unforeseen accidents.

4.         Students in need of financial assistance may apply for the fund when it is put up on the notice board.

5.         The Committee will decide to whom the fund will allotted to on the basis of availibity of funds.