The institution has a research committee to monitor and address the issues of research. It comprises faculties of the college with experience in research. The present members of the committee are :

Chairman : Dr. Kalyan Adak, Associate Professor (Commerce)

Secretary : Dr. H. Lalzuithangi, Assistant Professor (Political Science)

Members :

1. Dr. K. Khawltinkimi, Associate Professor (English)

2. Dr. Sanny Tochhawng, Associate Professor (Education)

3. Dr. Rohmingliani, Associate Professor (Economics)

4. Ms. B. Lalfakawmi, Associate Professor (Pol. Science)

5. Dr. Lalbiakzuali, Assistant Professor (Commerce)

6. Dr. Juliet Lalremmawii Ralte, Assistant Professor (Psychology)

7. Ms. Saihlupuii Sailo, Assistant Professor (Psychology)

8. Mr. H. Rosangpuia, Assistant Professor (Public Administration)

9. Ms. Vanlalvawni, Assistant Professor (English)

The main objectives and recommendations of the committee are -

 To inculcate research culture in the institution.

 To provide information regarding research grants and funding agencies.

 To emphasise on research publication and paper presentation in conferences and seminars.

 To motivate the faculty to pursue research degrees and post-doctoral research.

 To facilitate the faculty to seek guidance from various universities.

 To monitor ongoing research projects in the institution.

The committee has established separate research scholars' reading room in the library with computer and internet facility. The committee has been able to create a condition that inspires members of the faculty to pursue research and organise seminars that enables them to present these research findings.