2. Date of Establishment: 1989 (Unofficial)

3. Date of Registration under: 7.11.1990, Cooperative Societies, Mizoram, Aizawl

4. Registered address of the Society: Hrangbana College, Chanmari, Aizawl

5. Area of operation: Chanmari V/C, now L/C Area

6. Admission fee: Rs 5/- only, which will not be refundable

7. Value of each share: Rs. 100/-

8. Minimum numbers of subscription for one shareholder: 5 shares

9. Maximum number of subscription for one shareholder: 120 shares

10. Object (As per Bye-Laws): The objects of the Society are to do all things necessary to promote and develop the economic and cultural interests of members and in particular:-

a) To encourage thrift, self-help and Cooperation among its members

b) To procure and supply Agricultural, Industrial and domestic requirements of the members

c) To facilitate trade within the area of operation by providing sales and purchase centres.

d) To establish grain banks subjects to such regulations as are made by the Managing Committee and approved by the Registrar, Cooperative Societies.

e) To undertake farming and such cottage and small scale Industries including pisciculture as may be decided by the society.

f) To raise fund from amongst the members, financial institutions and the general public.

g) To set up workshop for manufacturing incubator machine and equipment.

h) To assist farmers by uncleaning services in respect of repairs and service of Agricultural machinery on rent to those farmers who cannot afford to purchase the same.

i) To undertake any other activity which is found to be in the interest of the members of the Society.

11. Managing Board Members (2013-2018) :

Elected Office Bearers:

Chairman: Mr. LalrochuangaPachuau (HOD, Commerce Dept.)

Vice Chairman: Dr.SuprakashMaiti(Commerce Dept.)

Secretary: Lalchangliana(Commerce Dept.)

Treasurer: Ms. Lalthanpuii(Education Dept.)

Appointed Committee Members

1) Mr. LalrammawiaKhiangte (Geography Dept.)

2) Mr. Sangchhuankhuma(Asst. Librarian)

3) Dr.SannyTochhawng(Education Dept.)

4) Ms. ZohminglianiLyngdoh (English Dept.)

5) Mr. Lal Rinawma(Principal)

12. Annual General Meeting: Held every year.

13. Activities/Trade: Upto Sept. 1996 – Shop run by employing Salesboy Since Oct. 1996, Rent out MULCOS Shops

14. Distribution of Bonus: In every two year, Kind/Cash Bonus is distributed to the Members/ Shareholders.

15. Number of Shareholders: In the year 1990 -48; At present – 65

16. Number of shares subscribed: In the year 1990- 285; At present – 6,950 shares

17. Value of total shares@ Rs. 100: Rs. 6,95,000/-

18. Loan given to Welfare Board, Govt. Hrangbana College: Rs. 10,00,000/-