The Library is open to all the Students, Faculty and Staff of Government Hrangbana College. The Library is under CCTV surveillance and the students of the college who are using the Library are expected to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the College


1.               Books will not be issued without Library Card. Outsiders are not allowed to borrow books from the Library.Students are not allowed to enter the Library with their personal belongings (bags, food items, etc.)

2.               Late submission of books and renewed after due date is liable a fine of Rs.10/- per book in the first week and Rs. 20 from the second week onwards.

3.               Circulation of books:

i.                 Students                      : 3 books at a time for 15 days

ii.               Faculties                     : 10 books at a time for 1 Semester

iii.             Establishment staff     : 3 books for 1 month


4.                   If books are lost, the student will have to either replace the book or be fined an amount of money to replace the misplaced book.

5.                   No student  shall write upon, damage or make marks on any library book. 

6.                   Eating & making noise is not allowed in the Library. Silence should be strictly maintained in the Library.

7.                   For the convenience of the students, faculty and staffs of the college, a brief summarization of the Library’s Collections are given as below

Printed books              : Volumes 29151

E-Books                      : 71 titles purchased from publisher

            Username        : Hrangbana

            Password         : Hrangbana2018

                                    300 lakhs titles from N-LIST


E-Journals                   : 50 titles from Publisher

            Username        : GHBCollege

            Password          : HBCAccess

                                     : 16885 from N-LIST


Bound back volume of Journal          : 302

Printed Journal

a)     Academic International    – 8

b)     Academic National           - 10

c)     Magazine                          - 12



            The Govt. Hrangbana College Library has a Book Bank facility. Book bank functions as one of the section of the College Library.

1.      Membership :

a). Membership of the Book Bank is optional.

b). Membership is open to all the current year students of  Govt. Hrangbana College on payment of      requisite fee.

c). Membership can be renewed at the next year.

d). Membership will be cancelled when the student leave the college.


2.      Fees:

a). A fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred) only will be charged on annual basis for two semesters

b). Security deposit money of Rs.1000/- (one thousand) only will be required to be deposited separately, which will be refundable on the withdrawal of Membership.

c). Fee will be deposited to Mizoram Rural Bank, Chanmari.


3.      Circulation of Books:

a). Member of the Book Bank may get a maximum of 5 books at a time for two semesters i.e one year

b). Book will be returned at the end of even semester or after one year.

c). A fine will be levied if the book is not returned at the rate of Rs.10/- per book per day.

d). if a book is lost or damaged, the member will be required to provide the replacement of the book or 3 times of the price and pay overdue fine if any.

e). Books will be issued on first come first served basis.