Chairman : Mr. Lal Rinawma, Principal

Coordinator : Dr. Lalbiakzuali, Associate Professor, Dept of Commerce

Asst. Coordinator : Mrs. B. Lalfakawmi, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science

Dr. H. Lalzuithangi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science

Members : Mr. Rokailiana, Vice-Principal

Dr. Suprakash Maiti, Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce

Dr. Sanny Tochhawng, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education

Mr. Lalhmingthanga, Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics

Mrs. Zohmingliani Lyngdoh, Associate Professor, Dept. of English

Mr. Sangchhuankhuma, Assistant Librarian

Mrs. Rochharkimi, Head Assistant

Dr. C. Zarzoliana, Jt. Director, RUSA

Mr. Vanneihtluanga, Entrepreneur & Social Activist, Local Society

Mr. Zohmingthanga, Entrepreneur, Local Society

Coordinator, RUSA

Vice President, Student Union, GHBC

President, Alumni Association

Nature of Work:

1. To ensure quality assurance on all areas concerning the college.

2. To make accountable all concern for upholding the required level of quality through continuous regulation and guidance.