Library: The College has two floor Library covering 4102 sq.ft. It is well designed spacious and airy reading room of 75 seating capacity with 4 seats of separate reading room for Teachers and research scholars. Today the Library holding reached 27871 volumes of books with number of journals and its binded back volume. It was computerised by using soul 2.0. The library is selected as SOUL Support Centre and the Librarian is appointed as Coordinator for North East-II, covering area of Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura. Besides Soul Coordinator, One Technical Assistant is attached to the College.

N-LIST e-journal accessibility with free download is being enjoyed by Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff and Students.

AUDITORIUM: The College has an Auditorium with more than 800 seating capacity which is convenient for organising seminars, cultural programmes, conferences, training etc.

CANTEEN: The College Canteen provides refreshment services to the students and staff of this College.

COMMON ROOM: The College has a spacious Students’ Common Room well-equipped with various indoor games materials where the students can spend their leisure.

COUNSELLING : Counselling for the students those who are in need.

FIRST AID: First Aid facility is available in the campus and medical help from local hospitals is arranged as and when necessary.

Students’ UNION: The Students’ Union play a vital role to look after the interests of students. Elected Students Union Leaders and Principal as Ex-Officio President look after the affairs of the Students’ Union.

Co-curricular ACTIVITIES: The following co-curricular activities are undertaken by the College to achieve qualitative education and to develop leadership quality.

(a) National Service Scheme (NSS) : Programme Officers look after all the activities of NSS with the help of active participation of NSS Volunteers (Students)

(b) National Cadet Corps (NCC) : NCC Cadets participate in various NCC programmes under the supervision of Associate NCC Officers (ANO).

(c) Adventure Club: Participate in trekking, mountain climbing, canoeing and in different cultural activities.

(c) Students Self Support Union : Elected students and Professor-in- Charge search for immediate employment opportunities to meet the financial needs of the improvise students. .

(d) Students’ Evangelical Union : Spiritual guidance and counselling is provided by the SEU to their peers. Various activities for spiritual upliftment are undertaken by the SEU.

IGNOU STUDY CENTRE : This study centre is offers a variety of courses in which students can pursue Under Graduate and Post Graduate studies.

remedial coaching centre : The college provides Remedial Coaching classes outside the regular time table for the improvement of academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in various subjects.

coaching classes for entry in services: To prepare students belonging to SC/ST and minor communities to get gainful employment in central and other services, coaching classes is opened. The coaching is oriented for particular examination such as IAS, State Public Services, Bank Recruitment, etc.

Language laboratory: For effective communication skill in English language spoken English is taught with the help of language lab. It helps the students in acquiring the correct pronunciation and in effective speaking.

Women Hostel: The College render at Durtlang a resident hostel for girls’ student of the college which is under the care of a Warden.

Playground: Since the main campus is located at a busy commercial centre without any playground a well furnished playground for the students is provided at Muthi.