All the students of Govt. Hrangbana College are expected to conform to the following Rules and Regulations:

1. Regular attendance is insisted for all the students. Students shall be required to attend minimum 75% of Lectures/Tutorials in each subject/paper according to the University norms prevailing at present. A student shall not be allowed to appear the University Examination if he/she fails to satisfy the norms mentioned above.

2. Good discipline and proper manner shall be maintained in the College Campus. Students committing the following misconducts in the College campus shall be punished as mentioned below:-

  • Using or being intoxicated either with liquor or drugs of any kind shall be expelled or fined Rs. 500/-;
  • Smoking in the College campus shall have be fined up to Rs. 200/-;
  • Throwing away waste paper etc. Spitting on the wall /corridor shall be fined Rs. 20/-

3. All the students are expected to obey and respect the College authority i.e. Principal, Vice Principal, Professors and the Administrative staff of the College. Disobeying the College authorities shall render the students liable to disciplinary action;

4. Students are not allowed to take part in anti-national or anti-government activities.

5. Students are advised to make use of College Library, NCC, and NSS etc. They automatically become members of the Students’ Union which functions under the supervision of the College authority.

6. It is compulsory for every student to have at least one College T-Shirt and all the students are required to attire themselves every Monday and Thursday and other special occasions as notified by the College Authority from time to time. Students coming to College without wearing College T-Shirt on the days mentioned above will not be allowed to sit in the class.