Govt. Hrangbana College is running a Canteen for the Staff and Students at a concessional rate on selected items. A Canteen is looked after by the canteen committee of this College. Canteen Committee used to call the tender and appoint the proprietor for tenure of one year.

Chairman: Dr. K. Khawltinkimi

Secretary: Pu Lallianmawia

Committee members:

1. Pu Thanhlira2. Pu Ngurthankima Sailo

3. Dr. Kalyan Adak4. Pu Vanlalpeka

5. Pu H.K. Vanlalhruaia6. Ms. Zomuani Cherpoot

7. Ms. Lynda Vanlalruati8. Ms. H. Lalzuithangi

9. Ms. Saihlupuii10. Ms. Marie Zodinpuii

Ex-officio Members :

1. Pu Lal Rinawma, Principal

2. Pu Rokailiana, Vice Principal