2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Commerce ( Banking and Insurance )

CBCS 2sem Commerce ( Cost Accounting )

CBCS 2sem Commerce ( Functional Areas of Business )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Commerce ( Entrepreneurship )

CBCS 4sem Commerce ( Industrial and Company Laws )

CBCS 4sem Commerce ( Quantitavive Techniques )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Commerce ( Auditing and Corporate Governance )

CBCS 6sem Commerce ( Corporate Accounting )

CBCS 6sem Commerce ( Essential of E-Commerce )

CBCS 6sem Commerce ( Financial Accounting )

pre-CBCS 6sem Commerce ( Essentials of E-Commerce )


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Economics 2nd Paper ( Microeconomics -II )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Economics 4th Paper ( Macroeconomics - II )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Economics 9th Paper ( EnvironmentalEconomics )

CBCS 6sem Economics 10th Paper ( Quantitative Techniques-II )

CBCS 6sem Economics 11th Paper ( Financial Institutions and Markets )

CBCS 6sem Economics 12th (B) Paper ( International Trade )


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Education 2nd Paper ( Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Education 4th Paper ( Issues and Trends in Contemporary Indian Education )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Education 9th Paper ( Curriculum Development )

CBCS 6sem Education 10th Paper ( Educational Planning and Management )

CBCS 6sem Education 11th Paper ( Development of Educational Thought )

CBCS 6sem Education 12th (C) Paper ( Special Education )


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem English 2nd Paper ( History of English Language and Phonetics )

CBCS 2sem English 2nd Paper

pre-CBCS 2sem General English-II (Arts and Commerce) 2nd Paper (Prose and Poetry)

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem English 4th Paper ( Fiction-1 )

6th Semester

pre-CBCS 6sem English 9th Paper ( Indian Writing in English )

CBCS 6sem English 9th Paper ( Indian Writings in English )

CBCS 6sem English 10th Paper ( Drama - II )

CBCS 6sem English 11th Paper ( Literary Criticism )

CBCS 6sem English 12th (B) Paper ( American Literature )


4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Environmental Studies Paper; 1FCEVS-IV (Compulsory Foundation Cource)


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Geography 2nd Paper ( Human Geography )

4th Semester

pre-CBCS 4sem Geography 4th Paper ( Hu8man Geography )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Geography 9th Paper ( Geomorphology )

CBCS 6sem Geography 12th (A) Paper ( Urban Geography )

pre-CBCS 6sem Geography 9th Paper ( Introduction to Geographical Thought )


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem History 2nd Paper ( History of India up to post-maurya Period )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem History 4th Paper( History of the Mughals )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem History 9th Paper (Modern WorldHistory)

CBCS 6sem History 10th Paper ( Contemporary World )

CBCS 6sem History 11th Paper ( Modern India - II )

CBCS 6sem History 12th(C) Paper ( History of Modern China )


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Mizo 2nd Paper ( Drama - I )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Mizo 4th Paper ( Essay)

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Mizo 9th Paper ( History of Mizo Literature )

CBCS 6sem Mizo 10th Paper ( Fiction-II )

CBCS 6sem Mizo 11th Paper ( Mizo Language and Grammar )

CBCS 6sem Mizo 12th (B) Paper ( English Prose )

Pub. Admn

2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem PA 2nd Paper ( Administrative Theory )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Public Administration 4th Paper ( Public Personnel Administration )

6th Semester

CBCS  6sem PA 11th Paper ( Office Management in Government )

CBCS 6sem PA 9th Paper (Political and Administrative Institutions in the hillAreas ofNorth-East India)

CBCS 6sem PA 12th (B) Paper ( Rural and Tribal Development Administration )

CBCS 6sem Public Administration 10th Paper ( Administration of the United Nations )

Pre- CBCS 6sem PA 9th Paper (Political and Administrative Institutions in the hill Areas of North-East India)

Pol. Science

2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Political Science 2nd Paper ( Indian Government and Politics)

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Pol.SC 4th Paper ( Poloitical Theory )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Political Science 9th Paper ( Indian Political Thought )

CBCS 6sem Political Science 10th Paper ( Indian Foreign Policy )

CBCS 6sem Political Science 11th Paper ( The United Nations )

CBCS 6sem Political Science 12th (A) Paper ( Political Sociology )


2nd Semester

CBCS 2sem Psychology 2nd Paper ( Basic Psychology-II )

4th Semester

CBCS 4sem Psychology 4th Paper ( Health Psychology )

6th Semester

CBCS 6sem Psychology 9th Paper ( AppliedPsychology )

CBCS 6sem Psychology 10th Paper ( Counselling Psychology )

CBCS 6sem Psychology 11th Paper ( Physiological Psychology )

CBCS 6sem Psychology 12th Paper ( Abnormal Psychology )

Pre-CBCS 6sem 9th Paper ( Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood )