Subject Semester Paper
Commerce 2nd Semester CBCS Banking and Insurance

CBCS Functional Areas of Business

BC-205, Cost and Management Accounting

Geography 2nd Paper Physical Geography. Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

4th Semester

BC-411, Industrial and Company Law

BC-410, Entrepreneurship

BC-412, Quantitative Techniques

6th Semester

BC-617, Auditing

BC-618, Financial Accounting-II
BC-619, Corporate accounting
BC-620, E, Essentials of E-Commerce
Economics 2nd Semester 2nd Paper, Microeconomics

2nd Paper, Microeconomics-II

4th Semester

4th Paper, Macroeconomics-II

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Environmental Economics

Tenth Paper, Quantitative Techniques-II

Eleventh Paper, Financial Institutions and Markets

Twelfth (B) 12B Paper
Education 2nd Semester

2nd paper CBCS, Logical Foundations of Education

4th Semester

4th Paper, Issues and Trends in Contemporary Education

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Curriculum Development

Tenth Paper, Educational Planning and Management

Eleventh Paper, Development of Educational Thought

Twelfth (C) Paper, Special Education

English 2nd Semester

2nd Paper CBCS, History of English Language and Phonetics

2nd Paper, English-II, Foundation

2nd Paper CBCS, English-II History of English Language and Phonetics

2nd Paper, General English, (Arts & Commerce), (Prose and Poetry)
4th Semester

4th Paper, Fiction-I

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Indian Writing in English

Tenth Paper, Drama-II

Eleventh Paper, Literary Critism

Twelfth Paper (Optional A), American Literature

Geography 4th Semester

 4th Paper, Human Gegraphy

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Introduction to Geographical Thought

Tenth Paper, Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS

Twelfth (B) Paper, Regional Geography of Mizoram

History 2nd Semester

2nd paper History of India up to post-Maurya-Period

4th Semester

4th Paper, History of the Mughals (Revised)

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Modern World History

Tenth Paper, Contemporary World

Eleventh Paper, Historiography (Revised)

Twelf (C) Paper, History of Modern China

Mizo 2nd Semester

2nd Paper CBCS, Drama-I

4th Semester

4th Paper, Essay

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Theory of Literature

Tenth Paper, Fiction-II

Eleventh Paper, Mizo Language and Grammar

Twelf (A) Paper, English Prose

Public Administration 2nd Semester

2nd Paper, Administrative Theory

4th Semester

4th Paper, Public Personnel Administration

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Political and Adminitrative Institutions in the Hill Areas of NE India

Tenth Paper, Administration of the United Nations

Eleventh Paper, Office Management in Government

Twelfth (B) Paper 2017 Rural and Tribal Administration

Political Science 2nd Semester

2nd Paper CBCS, Indian Government and Politics

4th Semester

4th Paper, Political Theory

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Indian Political Thought

Tenth Paper, Indian Forign Policy

Eleventh Paper, The United Nations

Twelfth (A) Paper 2017 Political Sociology

Psychology 2nd Semester

2nd Paper, Basic Psychology-II (Pre-Revised)

4th Semester

4th Paper, Health Psychology

6th Semester

Ninth Paper, Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood

Tenth Paper, Research Methodology and Statistical Reasoning in Psychology

Eleventh Paper, Abnormal Psychology-II

Twelf (A) Paper, Counseling Psychology